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The New Challengers Sneak Preview


Sneak Preview Release Date: Unconfirmed

Pack Release Date: November 7 2014

Konami Digital Entertainment Inc is proud to bring you the next new booster release for 2014, The New Challengers. This booster set contains a host of daring cards that no Duelist should be without, including some of the most powerful Pendulum Monsters to date!

With the recent debut of Pendulum Summoning to the…

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Cards Leaked for New Challengers & Legendary Collection 5D’s

Cards Leaked for New Challengers & Legendary Collection 5D’s




New Challengers Card Leaks nech 6

nech leak

nech 1  Lanzephorhynchus

Level 6 WIND Dinosaur Pendulum Normal Monster
ATK 2500
DEF 800
Scale 7
Pendulum Effect: Normal Monsters you control inflict piercing battle damage.
Flavor Text:
Diese Sauriergattung hat eine Angriffstande entwickelt, die alles durchdringen kann, und is so dem Aussterben entgangen. Trotz ihrer Lanze ernahrt, sie sich weiterhin…

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