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The Secret of Evolution (OCG)

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Release Date: November 15 2014

The latest Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V Official Card Game Booster Pack has appeared!
In addition to the normal rarities, alongside the Super and Ultra Rare cards, those cards will have Secret Rare counterparts!
A ton of the latest cards in “Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V” appears. As well, there’s an Official Card Game original theme, and the set also includes cards to make past…

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2014 World Championship Prize Cards

2014 World Championship Prize Cards

2014 promos The Twin Kings, Founders of the Empire

2014 promo 2
?Pendulum Scale?Blue 1/Red 1?
Once per turn: You can banish 3 Beast-Type Pendulum Monsters you control, then target 1 Pendulum Monster you control; if it attacks your opponent directly and reduces their LP to 0 this turn, you win the Match.
?Monster Effect?
Cannot be Special Summoned, except by Pendulum Summon.
Requires 3…

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